Lucky Potato is a direct translation of the Danish saying "Heldig Kartoffel", which basicially means “a very lucky person”. Look it up and find the stories about “lucky potatoes” from Denmark more than 200 year ago. and is celebrating and catalysing gratitude, happiness and the ability and wish to live a good life. We do this by sharing stories about why we are lucky potatoes. 

We have no relation or connection to politics or religion. 

We are sharing gratitude and happiness, utilizing the power of optimism and playfulness - and promote taking responsibility for life.

The real action is not here. It’s on Facebook and Instagram. Please go and participate and share why you are a Lucky Potato. Let’s keep the good feeling move.

We are Lucky Potatoes and we are contagious ! is founded by Lars

If you have ideas for us or want to support or work with, contact Lars at

Mette Bau is responsible for Public Relations and can be contacted at or +4525622542 # Nybrogade 26 # 1203 København K # +4540905587